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Some Interesting Facts About Bulk Social Checker

Posted on: September 22, 2016

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Nowadays Social Media becomes an easy way to get popularity among people. Most of the people in SEO are really dependent on tools for doing several tasks.


You get various useful tools on Internet for performing various task such as analyzing log files, checking HTTP headers, IP checking and other things.

With all these tools sometimes we need to analyse social metrics for a page. For this task we need a tool that will analyse the number of Tweets, Likes and +1s on our social media pages. I have created a tool for this case where you just have to type your short URL and then submit. After that it will show you the number of followers and likes on various social media platforms for a specific URL.

Simultaneously you can check number of followers and likes for multiple URLs. This tool will directly indicate number of visitors that will visit your page. Bulk Social Checker have an enhance feature to analyse your popularity on LinkedIn, Stumble Upon and Pinterest also.

This tool will give you a quick and instant result for checking popularity of multiple URLs on several Social Media accounts. It will compare you with your competitors and enable you for social growth.

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