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How SEO Helps You To Get Top Ranking In Google

Posted on: September 26, 2016

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Google uses nearly 200 ranking factors in their algorithm. Creating a website, gaining popularity, producing great results in Google was an easy aspect few years ago. Presently, though all the aspects remain same, deriving greater results has changed.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the most fundamental method of marketing. Is doesn’t matter whether the marketing is for an online retailer, or a mom and me store. First divide your audience by conducting research. Ensure strategies and goals for your SEO are set in place. The strategies include topics, timelines, distribution, schedules and frequency.



The step wise approach will provide insights of how ranking in Google can be improved.

Evaluate your existing ranking

First know your current status in Google search results by using multiple tools and resources. This will help you to improve your ranking. The most important Google ranking factor is to check the speed of your site. If the speed is low, the conversions decline sharply.

Measure and mark the right metrics

It is significant to measure your site effective by knowing how many visitors find your site through Google. Google analytics account and acquisition channel report will provide the details.

Give attention to the keywords used to generate site traffic. Avoid using commercial keywords for informational keywords such as solution to clear acne, free eBook download, make money online free, etc. The visitors browsing these keywords could be looking for a solution and not buying.

Ecommerce industry can use commercial keywords like offers, discounts, as the visitors looking to buy products.

Set up an SEO dashboard in Google Analytics to keep a track on important metrics. This enhances your keyword data by connecting Google Webmaster Tools.

Examine and determine penalties

Check your site if it has any penalties. Building links for such websites is of no use. The links to your website should be natural links. Use tools to identify natural links, which will enable you to know how the ranking in Google can be altered.

Perform keyword research

After eliminating the unnatural links, improve your SEO directly. To make your site more effective, know the keywords that your target audiences are applying to find your site. By using Google tools you will know the suitable research keywords that are required to be used and also guides you in writing content and headlines based on the topic.

User intent will enable you to know what the users are looking for, whether to buy or for information. In this aspect both commercial and informational keywords are used to improve the ranking in Google.

Use skyscraper method to boost your site ranking. Use Google Keyword Planner to spy on your competitors keywords. Use attractive headline and keyword analysis by using the right keyword to improve your content.

Follow your keywords with good content

Optimizing of informational keywords and writing resourceful and useful content will improve the ranking in Google. This will attract your fans; share the content on social media and in high PR natural links.

If you follow these steps, then your website is improving in google search results.




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